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PHIO-Audio is a german company founded in 2004. We create, manufacture and apply special materials for high end audio.

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Our products are:


Loudspeaker-module-system PHIO-Signature

This is a highly sophisticated Speaker system following a unique concept. Our goals are maximum resolution, natural dynamics and a very wide range of possible applications.

We all know, that the best sound quality can only be achieved if a speaker fits acoustically into the room. So we created a module system that can be adopted to different listening rooms, electronics and tastes of the listeners.

We reach that goals by using different materials like artificial stones combined with four different kinds of wood and our tractrix-horns.


Pucks and platforms for electronics

We found, that no platform however it is made improves the sound quality of all electronic components. The results always depend on the interaction of subsurface, the platform and the electronic component itself. Therefore we designed different pucks and platforms to meet the different needs of the components in the respective listening rooms.

The platforms W and P isolate the component from the vibrating ground, the vibrations coming from other electric devices (i.e. components standing in the same rack) and treat the resonances that arise in the component itself. All PHIO-platforms come with three pucks of steel to bypass the components feet and to connect it directly to the platform.

It most cases the platform W (kernel made of w-material, an artificial stone).improves resolution and spatial imaging and gives a warmer tonal balance. It suits to CD-Players, lightweight (transistor-) amplifiers, preamplifiers, phonostages and lightweight turntables. It looks very good with its black acryl suface.

The platform P (kernel made of p-material, an artificial stone composite with damping elements) is very rigid and highly damping. It suits to big amplifiers, all kinds of tube electronics, mass-turntables. It improves resolution and spatial imaging as well as dynamics. Sometimes the tonal balance gets cooler.

The PHIO-Pucks are useful if the subground is quiet already. They are much cheaper but are still quite effective. They mainly treat the resonances originating in the component.

Puck VS-EP: pucks (set of three or four) to use under all kinds of transistor components. Specially designed to use with racks or platforms filled with sand or other grains. Gives a clearer sound by absorbing internal resonances. Works against harshness of digital players.

Puck wood-foam: pucks (set of three or four) to use under all kinds of sources such as digital players, phonostages and lightweight record players with or without subchasis. Very effective against harshness of digital players.


MC pickups

Our pickups are based on the famous Denon DL 103(R) whilst counterbalancing its weaknesses. It is well known, that the body of that pickup limits its overall quality. By producing new a body it increases its sound quality dramatically being still affordable.

PHIO MC pickup S-F: The S-F material is a synthetic composite with carefully balanced internal damping. It is speacially designed for wooden arms and those with a lightweight headshell (i.e. the original SME 3009/3012 headshells). Clears the sound up.

PHIO MC pickup wood foam: The foam has an harmonising effect on the resonances of the arm. It is designed for modern arm with rigid headshells like SME V, IV, 309. It preserves the warmth and dynamic of the Denon (which lack sometimes in those arms) and improves dynamics.


Analogue accessory

We offer a range of analogue accessory like SME bases to substitute the original base isolating the arm from vibration from the turntable. Another product is a mounting base for mass turntables like Platine Verdier, Scheu and others.